Resources for Corporate Engagement

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LSC    Engage & Support

Life Science Cares works as an extension of our corporate partners to strategize, plan and execute their corporate social responsibility and community engagement programs.

We offer a variety of toolkits and other materials to educate, inform and support company CSR efforts. Below are a sampling of LSC’s tools.

Seasonal Campaign Flyers: Check out volunteer opportunities available this season!

Presentations: Materials we use to help make the case for an investment in CSR, as well as explain the LSC model.

CSR Tips and Tricks (Boston)

Seasonal Calendars: LSC operates on a seasonal calendar! Save upcoming event dates and check out some pro-tips for planning your next give-back opportunity.

2023 Calendar (Boston)

2023 Calendar (San Diego)

CARES Cards: Custom bingo cards designed to help companies and teams explore and celebrate aspects of our work.

Women’s History Month

Martin Luther King Day

Black History Month

Hispanic Heritage Month

Corporate Partner Newsletters: regular communications chock full of resources, shoutouts and upcoming program or event information.

Corporate Partner Newsletters: Boston

April/May Corporate Partners Newsletter

March Corporate Partners Newsletter

February Corporate Partners Newsletter

January Corporate Partners Newsletter

November/December Corporate Partners Newsletter

September/October Corporate Partners Newsletter

Corporate Partner Newsletters: San Diego

Holiday Helpers 2022

Warm Hearted Winter 2023