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Life Science Cares leverages the power of the life science industry to solve one of our most intractable social issues—poverty. We currently operate in five locations that boast a critical mass of companies working in biotech, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, and research: Boston, Philadelphia, New York, San Diego and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Impact metrics

In six years, we have invested nearly $9 million, organized thousands of unique volunteers from hundreds of different companies and completed more than 30,000 volunteer hours. We’ve made meals, decorated shelters, repurposed technology, mentored young people, mock interviewed job candidates.

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By partnering with local nonprofits with proven records of impact in their communities, Life Science Cares directs financial resources, donated goods, and thousands of volunteer hours to address both immediate and long term needs of our neighbors living in poverty.

Life Science Cares partners with community-based organizations working in three areas of need.

BASIC NEEDS: Without addressing basic needs like food security, safety, health care, and housing, we cannot expect individuals to emerge from poverty. We fund multiple organizations working these areas to ensure our most vulnerable neighbors have a strong foundation on which to build.

EDUCATION: A proven path to long-term financial success and overall happiness is education. That’s why Life Science Cares supports STEM education, college preparation and success, educational enrichment, and programs that support and inspire students of every age. We also bring students into life science companies to learn more about careers in the sector, encouraging students to pursue science and laying the groundwork for a diverse future workforce.

OPPORTUNITY: Upending generational inequity means investing in job creation, job training, mentoring, and resource development. We believe that providing support to the best organizations that work to help families and individuals to lift themselves sustainably out of poverty is an important strategy for change.

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Our goal is to build systems and structures where individuals and companies can contribute in meaningful ways to local efforts while fostering positive workplace culture and industry commitment.