LSC leverages the extraordinary talent and passion of our industry to affect change.

We support service organizations that do the best work in fighting poverty in our communities.

Life Science Cares provides a platform for companies and their employees to make a difference.

million granted since 2016

volunteer hours performed

Life Science Cares was born out of a need and an opportunity.

The need: Too many of our neighbors are living in poverty—struggling to meet basic necessities, obtain an education, and earn a living wage. The opportunity: Life science companies and their employees are motivated to make a positive impact through volunteering, investing, and raising awareness of the issues of poverty and inequity.

Life Science Cares provides a platform for companies and their employees to make a difference. We make impactful grants to community nonprofits that are implementing research-driven solutions in the areas of survival, education, and economic sustainability and supercharge these grants with volunteer hours, donated goods, strategic support, and advocacy.

Our goal is to move the needle on issues of poverty for our neighbors while helping companies build connections with the community and internally between employees. Through volunteering; organizing in-office drives; and committing their time, talent, and treasure; so emerges a positive culture of doing good and having fun that benefits us all.

About LSC

Life Science Cares was founded in 2016 by a consortium of life science executives on a mission to give back beyond their 9-5 commitment to improving health.

The organization is a collective effort of life science companies to eliminate the impacts of poverty on our neighbors and currently operates in five communities: Boston, Philadelphia, San Diego,  the Bay Area and New York.

In each of these areas there exists a cluster of life science companies and in their shadow, thousands living in poverty. We believe that with so much success, wealth, and intellect in our industry, we can’t sit back while so many are suffering.

Life Science Cares’ solution is to leverage the extraordinary talent and passion of our industry to affect change.

We know that there are already organizations working on the ground to apply the most-effective, research-based solutions to solving the complex problems of poverty that stems from a lack of access to basic needs and opportunity.

We support these organizations in three ways:

  • Direct significant and flexible funding via grants to nonprofits.
    We prioritize multi-year awards that allow organizations to plan and lower the administrative burden of reapplying year after year. Send passionate volunteers to these organizations to supply them with a workforce that can make a measurable difference.
  • Collect hundreds of thousands of dollars in donated goods to help address the need in the community. This can range from clothing, non-perishable food items, diapers and wipes, furniture for folks leaving homelessness, to pajamas and toys for kids.
  • Collaborate on projects with nonprofits so we can help them increase their capacity by matching them with the professionals in our industry who can help.

Life Science Cares strives to create an environment of inclusion and celebrates diversity in gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, ethnicity, and experience.


July 23, 2024

LSC NY KiiLN Dissolution Celebration


July 30, 2024

LSC NY Summer Networking @ Innovation Triangle – West Harlem

This will be an incredible gathering of industry leaders, researchers, and...

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July 15, 2024

Life Science Cares San Diego Appoints Alicia Quinn Kitagawa as Executive Director to Drive the Organization’s Next Phase of Growth

Mark Sanchez, Ed.D., to join organization’s Board of Managers  San Diego...

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June 12, 2024

BioConnects New England Partners with Project Onramp and NU PLACE to Help Bridge Opportunity Gap for Underserved Students

BioConnects New England (BCNE), a multi-state coalition that aims to connect...

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June 11, 2024

Life Science Cares San Diego Teams with Kura Oncology to Support Nutritional Needs of the San Diego Community

$100,000 contribution from Kura Oncology to support Life Science Cares San...

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Our industry is made up of people who care deeply about humanity.

Life science companies are motivated to make a positive impact.

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