Discover how we’re multiplying impact through a collective effort.

2023 has been a year like no other. On the heels of a seemingly positive post-pandemic recovery in 2022, signs of an economic downturn emerged causing many corporations across all industries, including Life Sciences, to tighten their belt and make tough budgetary decisions. Times were tough for our current and prospective corporate partners. This meant that the needs and opportunity in the community were greater than ever.

At Life Science Cares Bay Area, this dichotomy presented an interesting decision point. Times were tough for us too in terms of meeting our fundraising goals, yet we decided to press full speed ahead and we did not lose any steam. In 2023, we granted $1M to nonprofit partners, representing a 25% increase in our financial grants, we placed 50 interns into Life Science companies doubling the size of the program and we tripled our community engagement providing thousands of life science employees the opportunity to give their time to meaningful causes in the community. This was a win-win that amplified the mission of these organizations through thought partnership, in-kind donations, and human capital while providing these life science employees a sense of purpose and contribution to their broader community.

The Impact Report shows how we’re multiplying impact across the life sciences industry through a collective effort. Together, we can do more!

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Life Science Cares Bay Area: Impact Report 2023.

Our mission across Life Science Cares – with affiliates in biotech hubs including Boston, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, and the San Francisco Bay Area – is to activate the financial and human capital of the life sciences industry and partner with nonprofit organizations to disrupt the cycle of poverty and inequality in our communities. Ultimately, we envision all of our neighbors having access to basic needs, access to education and access to opportunity.

Here in the Bay Area, we are grateful to all who have contributed to our success – the 50+ life science companies that have joined our mission, as well as our insightful board members. We would like to acknowledge especially generous 2023 donors Gilead ($250,000), Exelixis ($150,000), and Vir Bio ($100,000), whose significant contributions help make this possible. 

Life Science Cares celebrates the strength, ingenuity, and generosity of the life sciences industry – and the collaborative effort that allows us to make such an impact in the community.

About Life Science Cares Bay Area

Life Science Cares Bay Area is a collective effort to activate the financial and human capital of the region’s life sciences industry – and partner with nonprofits – to disrupt the cycle of poverty and inequality in our communities. The organization helps solve societal problems through active caring, combining grants with supportive services such as volunteerism, thought leadership, and industry expertise. Since 2021, the organization has generated substantial grants, gifts, education, leadership interaction, and community engagement. For more information, please visit

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