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How do you select non-profit partners?

We look for organizations doing the most impactful work in our three areas of focus: access to basic needs, access to education and access to opportunity.

We seek organizations that measure their impact and utilize volunteer time and talent.

Successful partnerships work to identify challenges or needs and find resources within the industry to overcome those challenges.

How can I/my organization get involved?

  • Volunteer at partner nonprofits.
  • Collect goods for an in-office drives.
  • Join the Life Science Cares ADVISORY BOARD.
  • Give a financial donation to support grants to partners.

What volunteer opportunities does LSC San Diego provide?

Volunteerism and employee engagement can take many forms. LSC San Diego is working to make a variety of volunteer opportunities available so that individuals can get involved in ways that resonate with them individually. Examples include:

  • Organizing a donation drive
  • Serving meals
  • Sorting and packaging food or clothing for those in need
  • Participating in a mentorship program
  • Getting involved with a local clean-up day

We encourage everyone to get creative to put their unique skills and interests to good use!

How can my organization host an in-office drive?

  • LSC San Diego schedules volunteer opportunities and posts them on the Volunteer page.
  • If you see an event that you are interested in, sign up to receive more information about the event.
  • You can also CONTACT US in order to schedule a team event at one of our partner non-profits.
  • Follow @LS_CaresSD on Twitter at on LinkedIn at Life Science Cares San Diego

How can I find out more about volunteer opportunities?

View available LSC San Diego Holiday giving opportunities and upcoming volunteer opportunities on our volunteer page. Check back often for new opportunities to support our San Diego community.

What does the advisory board do?

  • Advisory Board Members promote LSC within their company, provide recommendations for non-profit partners, and personally contribute to support our mission, model and programs.
  • There is no specific time obligation.
  • To learn more about the Advisory Board or to express interest in joining, submit your interest to leane@lifesciencecares.org