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Life Science Cares has donated over $4 million in flexible funding to partner nonprofits since our inception in 2016. 


By combining significant, multi-year funding with access to the human and intellectual capital of the life science’s sector, Life Science Cares makes a meaningful impact while lowering administrative burden. We select nonprofit partners based on a proven track record of success in providing effective and efficient service to people who are impacted by poverty in our communities.

Our staff, Board of Directors, Boards of Managers and Grant Review Committees use both quantitative and qualitative criteria to select the organizations we support through a competitive process. We work side by side with our partners for the duration of their grant term, helping to address emergent needs and increase resilience.

Life Science Cares offers grants to organizations working in three areas of need.

Survival: Without addressing basic needs like food security, safety, health care, and housing, we cannot expect individuals to emerge from poverty. We fund multiple organizations working these areas to ensure in the cities where we operate, the most vulnerable residents have a strong foundation on which to build. We believe every person has the right to these basic human needs, and a significant portion of our effort goes to helping these organizations.

Education: A proven path to long-term financial success and overall happiness is education. That’s why Life Science Cares supports STEM education, college preparation and success, educational enrichment, and programs that support and inspire students of every age. We also bring students into life science companies to learn more about careers in the sector, encouraging students to pursue science and laying the groundwork for a diverse future workforce.

Sustainability: Includes organizations that work in job creation, job training, mentoring, and economic development. We believe that providing support to the best organizations that work to help families and individuals to lift themselves sustainably out of poverty is also an important need for the community.

We seek to fund 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations in the cities where we operate with the following characteristics:

A commitment to addressing poverty and the challenges it imposes on residents in the cities where we operate.

Strong, committed leadership and financial stability;

Existing evaluation procedures or willingness to evaluate programs and measure outcomes; Commitment to, and knowledge of, the population served;

Respect or standing in its community and relationships with other organizations in the community;

Capacity to engage volunteers;

A willingness to be transparent about what challenges may exist and how Life Science Cares might help;

A commitment to building a creative partnership with Life Science Cares.

We will consider grants for: 

– Operations and general support

– Programming (existing, expanding, or new)

– Tangible goods or equipment to advance a program

–Capacity building (evaluation, organization development, planning, communications, etc.)

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