85% of jobs are filled via networking. However, students struggle with unequal access to these networks.

(Linkedin, 2016)

Research shows that relationships formed from networking can drive students' beliefs, aspirations, and motivation.

(Search Institute, 2020)

Gen Z graduates trust employee referrals more than any other source to inform their job search.

(Yello, 2019)

building strong, new networks

One-to-One is a networking program to connect college students from underserved backgrounds with professionals in our industry. We aim to power a platform for students to build networking skills, develop their confidence in networking, and directly benefit from interactions with professionals that will improve students’ lifelong outcomes.

How It Works

We provide college students with access to industry professionals for one-on-one conversations around networking and career exploration.


Students and volunteers create a profile. Questions are related to interests, goals, and lived experiences. Life Science Cares makes recommendations for students to connect with based on their profiles.


Students read volunteers’ profiles and initiate outreach based on their interests. Volunteers work with students to schedule a date and time for their one-time conversation.


Student and volunteer meet virtual or in-person to network and discuss careers. After each meeting, students and volunteers provide feedback through a short survey. Repeat from Step 2.



I am motivated by the idea that just by taking the time to share my personal experience, I can dramatically shape a student’s career path.

Manoussa Fanny

Immunology Scientist, Xilio Therapeutics

Are you an industry professional who wants to get involved? Submit an inquiry form to get started.

College and nonprofit organizations, check out our FAQs at the bottom to learn more.


There are three sign-up deadlines for volunteers to participate. Each sign-up deadline corresponds to a Round in which students are reaching out to professionals. By signing up, volunteers remain in our network for all future Rounds. Read FAQ section for more details.


Volunteer Sign-Up Deadlines

Sept. 24th, 2021
Nov. 19th, 2021
Apr. 22nd, 2022*

Student Sign-Up Deadlines

Oct. 8th, 2021
Dec. 3rd, 2021
May 6th, 2022*
Students reach out starting
Oct. 16th, 2021
Feb. 1st, 2022
Jun. 11th, 2022*

*Subject to change. We will announce as we get closer to those dates.

we are uniquely positioned for this work

We have a vibrant and diverse volunteer base of industry professionals representing hundreds of companies. Our volunteers are eager to make a difference in the lives of students and their communities.

Our industry is a regional, national, and global economic power. Not only has the life sciences sector responded to the pandemic with leadership and innovation, our forward momentum continues to grow. 
We represent an interdisciplinary sector with numerous STEM and non-STEM entry points for future careers. Our volunteers and their career paths reflect the diverse and exciting overlap of academic subjects and interests.


What students does this program primarily serve?

One-to-One serves college students enrolled at a college/university in Massachussets. We work with nonprofit partners and higher education institutions to recruit students who come from low -income backgrounds, who may be first in their family to attend college, or identify as a student of color. 

What is the time commitment for volunteers?

We do ask that volunteers work with students to schedule their one-time call after the student reaches out. There is no end-date to the program. Volunteers remain in our One-to-One database for future students to contact. 

What can volunteers expect in terms of sign-up?

Volunteers fill out a short survey (<10 minutes). After signing up, we will be in communication with volunteers on log in instructions to access their One-to-One portal. This portal contains profiles of all the students. When a student reaches out via email, the volunteer can read the student’s profile ahead of time.

Are volunteers guaranteed a conversation with a student?

No. The aim of the program is to create a network that students can access for on-demand networking. Students can reach out to volunteers based on their profile. Unlike a traditional mentorship in which a voluteer may be assigned a student for reoccuring conversations, One-to-One aims to give students the opportunity for a first call.

What can students expect in term of sign-up?

Student fill out a short survey (<10 minutes). After signing up, we will be in communication with students on log in instructions to access their One-to-One portal. This portal contains profiles of all the volunteers. A student can also view recommended matches based on information shared by students and volunteers.

Can these conversations develop into mentorship or follow-on opportunities?

Yes. If the student and volunteer have a positive experience, we encourage them to stay in touch on follow-on opportunities. For example, they may continue to meet informally as their schedule allows or make introductions to a peer for additional conversations.

I represent a college/nonprofit. How do I get my students access to this program?

Please reach out to Yefei at yefei@lifesciencecares.org to discuss.

I am a college student in Massachusetts. How do I know if my school participates in this program?

Please reach out to Yefei at yefei@lifesciencecares.org to discuss.

Volunteer Sign-Ups Open

Questions? Contact Yefei at yefei@lifesciencecares.org