It’s a Presidential Traverse hike scheduled for Sept. 13-15, 2021. Luke has selected a group of 20 biotech leaders for the expendition, a 20-mile hike over Mt. Washington, Mt. Adams, Mt. Jefferson and more. Each team member is committing to raise at least $25,000 for Life Science Cares.

The team includes:

  • Luke Timmerman, founder, Timmerman Report
  • Katrine Bosley, executive chair, Arrakis
  • Samantha Truex, CEO, Quench Bio
  • Katherine Andersen, head of life sciences, SVB
  • Abe Ceesay, CEO, Tiburio Therapeutics
  • Anna French, partner, Qiming Venture Partners
  • Kathy Bowdish, CEO, PIC Therapeutics
  • Doug Fambrough, CEO, Dicerna Pharmaceuticals
  • Jeb Keiper, CEO, Nimbus Therapeutics
  • Alex Harding, Entrepreneur in Residence, Atlas Venture
  • Reid Huber, partner, Third Rock Ventures
  • Julia Owens, executive chairman, Millendo Therapeutics
  • Deb Palestrant, partner, 5AM Ventures
  • Paul Biondi, executive partner, Flagship Pioneering
  • Art Krieg, founder and CSO, Checkmate Pharmaceuticals
  • John Alam, founder and CEO, EIP Pharma
  • Dave Melville, founder and CEO, The Bowdoin Group
  • Alice Pomponio, managing director, BrightEdge, American Cancer Society
  • Vineeta Agarwala, general partner, Andreesen Horowitz
  • Erin Duffy, chief of R&D, CARB-X
  • Jens Eckstein, managing partner, Apollo Health Ventures

You can show your support for the cause a few different ways.

DONATE: Go to the page for Timmerman Traverse, and find a hiker you know. They’ll appreciate anything you can give — $100, or $500 or $1,000 – to help them hit their goal of $25,000.

SPONSOR: If you’re thinking big as an organization, and able to donate between $5,000 and $50,000, you could join that outstanding group of dedicated sponsors above. Contact Sarah MacDonald and Christine Casalini at Life Science Cares for more about sponsorship opportunities.

Thank you to our sponsors!