On April 27, 2021, exactly five years to the day after Life Science Cares was incorporated, the LSC Boston flagship published an impact report– Building Collective Impact.

The report showcases the outcome of some of LSC’s earliest investments in nonprofit partner organizations, as well as the more recent COVID-19 response efforts. It also includes stakeholder testimonials, multi-media segments and comprehensive lists of the companies and individuals who have supported the effort so far. 

Building Collective Impact is a celebration of the generosity and commitment of literally thousands of people who have joined Life Science Cares’ efforts since our founding,” said LSC Boston Executive Director Sarah MacDonald. “But true to the LSC way, the report also asks us to think about what’s next, about how we can continue to build our collective impact to ensure access to basic needs, access to education and access to opportunity for all of our neighbors.”

Explore the report online.

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