Life Science Cares Boston is thrilled to welcome Mathia Vialva as our new Development Manager. In this new role, Mathias will support the organization’s development strategies and play an important role in growing our work in the Greater Boston community.

“Life Science Cares is only as strong as the community and connections we build and we’re so excited to have Mathias join to ensure we’re nurturing those critical relationships. We’re excited to welcome him to the team,” said Sarah MacDonald, President of Life Science Cares Boston.

Mathias originally came to Massachusetts for school, but stayed for the people. He is a graduate from Bentley University with a B.A. in Marketing and has worked in a variety of industries, including trucking and travel. Although diverse, the common factor was always a focus on making meaningful connections to form lasting relationships with clients and partners.

Most recently, Mathias worked as the Assistant Director of Corporate Foundation and Community Relations on Horizons for Homeless Children’s Development Team. There he solidified his passion for helping communities in need. Mathias has built strong partnerships with corporations and foundations to support young children experiencing homelessness across Massachusetts.

Outside of fundraising, Mathias enjoys spending time with his family, taking impromptu trips to explore New England, and exploring his interests in winemaking, baking, and archery.