In response to “In the shadows of progress: COVID widened the gulf between The Port and Kendall Square”:

In 2020, Life Science Cares, donated $2 million to community-based organizations fighting poverty in Greater Boston, including support for basic needs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Much of that support, raised from companies and employees within the Greater Cambridge life sciences community, went to organizations like CASPAR and Just-A-Start, partners serving our neighbors in Cambridge. Just last week, we were thrilled to help launch a new food program with our great friends at Food For Free.

That’s not all. As we hit the spring peak, Life Science Cares rallied volunteers willing to serve in the event hospitals were short on support staff.  We collected iPads for use in hospitals and to support telehealth for isolated or quarantined neighbors. We convened teams of volunteers to help Pine Street Inn tackle the challenges of scaling operations in the COVID environment.

We know there is more to be done. And Life Science Cares will be there, working tirelessly alongside our partners to support our community.