A Message from Our Founder

There are many issues impacting our great country, but none are more fundamental than the alarming (and increasing) difference between rich and poor. The so-called income gap has been cited as a root cause for many of the critical issues facing our society. Crime, racism, the education achievement gap, unaffordable health care, unemployment, and even basic human rights, are all issues that threaten our societal wellbeing.

Clearly, we increasingly live in a society of “haves “and “have nots”. Our knowledge economy, driven by the technology, financial services, higher education, and life science sectors, has fueled a financial boom from which many of us, have benefited greatly. 

Unfortunately, those who have not had the good fortune to ride this wave of growth are finding it increasingly hard to keep up. The cost of housing, food, child-care, good education, health care, and education, are all growing at a pace that exceeds the growth in income for most people.

Even more troubling, is the insidious, self-fulfilling nature of this problem. The tools that are needed to break the cycle of poverty (good education, childhood development opportunities, career advancement, etc.) are becoming ever more exclusive, available predominately to only those who already have means.

I created Life Science Cares as a way to channel the intellect and passion of employees of the life science sector to close the gap in their work to help humanity. I hope you will join us in the effort!

Rob Perez,
Life Science Cares Founder and Chairman

Why Life Sciences

No sector consistently exemplifies economic growth in communities of greater Boston, Philadelphia, San Diego and the Bay Area more than the life sciences industry. We have become a leading industry in these technology hubs by any measure, and we are all exceedingly proud of the work we are doing to enhance human health by bringing scientific innovation to life, each and every day.

Our industry is made up of people who care deeply about humanity. Our employees and leaders choose this work not only because it promises to provide endless opportunities to grow as a professional, but because the “product “of our labor will ultimately make a difference in the lives of patients. We can create lifesaving drugs and technologies, but if the patients who receive them are living in poverty, they will not have their most-effective impact. As problem solvers, we can unravel poverty and remove its effects on our communities.

It is that spirit of community and concern about the greater good that has inspired the leaders of the life science industry to join together to form Life Science Cares. We recognize that all of our efforts are connected, and that none of our companies or individuals can succeed without the help and support of our neighbors, many of whom are struggling to make ends meet.