Awards given to six local nonprofits impacting social change

Life Science Cares San Diego today announced $200,000 grants awarded to six San Diego-based nonprofit organizations working to address San Diego’s most critical social challenges, bringing the organization’s giving total to $230,000 during its initial 6 month of operations.

The grants fortify a year of establishing strong roots within the community for Life Science Cares San Diego, a nonprofit that empowers corporations within the Life Sciences Industry to use their time, talent, and treasure to help end poverty. The current round of grantees includes Barrio Logan College Institute, Mana de San Diego, Ocean Discovery Institute, Junior Achievement San Diego, Serving Seniors, and Plus Box. Grants are made possible by passionate employees, companies and leaders within the life science community.

“We’re on a mission to help tackle income disparities and reduce the impact of poverty in San Diego by committing human and financial resources made available by the life science community to local organizations that improve education, survival, and sustainability,” said Leane Marchese, Executive Director, Life Science Cares San Diego. “Today’s announcement is just the beginning of our collective effort to help those who are struggling in our community and inspire additional volunteer engagement that will enable meaningful change in both the near- and long-term to benefit San Diego.”

In January of this year, Life Science Cares San Diego launched by distributing inaugural grants to three area nonprofits: Community Resource Center Food Pantry, St. Paul’s Senior Services Roving Clinic for Homebound Seniors, and Barrio Logan College Institute which provides support for low-income students for distance learning. Through these partnerships, more than 200 life science employees have volunteered to provide career coaching and personal items, participated on student panels, and donated food and other aid to help mitigate the lasting effects of the pandemic.

San Diego is home to leaders in the life science industry as well as more than 600,000 residents living in poverty, a number that is still increasing due to effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Life Science Cares unites the life science community by providing human and financial resources to the most impactful partner organizations throughout San Diego that address three fundamental gaps: survival, education and sustainability.

One of this year’s grantee organizations, Barrio Logan College Institute, partnered with Life Science Cares San Diego on a “build a backpack” drive earlier this month that provided supplies and more. “Partnering with Life Science Cares this year has enabled us to connect middle and high school students with life science mentors from diverse backgrounds, which has been lifechanging for both the students and mentors,” said Sara Boquin, CEO of Barrio Logan College Institute. “This additional grant funding will enable us to expand our reach to more students across our community to prepare them for college and beyond.”

Those who work in the San Diego life science industry and want to make a lasting impact in the area can connect with Life Science Cares to discuss Board membership, donations, volunteer opportunities or to subscribe for updates.  We invite you to volunteer and learn more at