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Individual Volunteering


NEEDED: STEM Professionals for virtual STEM Chats with students

We’re working with our partners at BoSTEM to provide virtual STEM Chats for middle and high school students in the Greater Boston area! We’re looking for STEM professionals to participate in 30-45 minute web-based sessions where you will be able to share about your job and career pathway, as well as answer questions from students. BoSTEM will provide scheduling, training and facilitation of the STEM chats. You can participate on your own, or in a group

For more details or to sign up, please fill out the BoSTEM form here. ALSO, please put “LSC” in the box for other comments or questions so we can keep track of our efforts.

NEEDED: Database or Information Architecture Expertise

Household Goods needs a new tool for client information & scheduling. LSC has a list of the needs and will facilitate this effort, but we need tech talent & support!

Email to sign up.

NEEDED: Web Design Experience

Science from Scientists has moved their STEM curriculum online, but are looking for a Web Designer to help us make this page artful, functional, and user-friendly as they continue to develop, add, and push out resources over the next few weeks to months. Identify an appropriate layout to showcase all emerging resources and make it intuitive for families to navigate to options by age or topic. The website is built on WordPress, managed remotely by a web development firm, and maintained by a staff member at SfS who has access to a library of graphic elements and images.

Email to sign up.

NEEDED: Basic Translation Support

Science from Scientists has uploaded their entire STEM catalog of activities to their website for Boston Public School kids, but needs help translating these documents into other languages to ensure everyone in their network has access to them. They are specifically looking for volunteers that speak Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian-Creole, Somali, and Hmong.

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NEEDED: Basic Computer Literacy Knowledge 

Tech Goes Home is providing low-income families and individuals with laptops and digital literacy recordings to help them access the resources they need right now, such as unemployment and virtual doctors visits. You can help by creating a video tutorial, subtitling/translating an existing video, or creating a PDF tutorial. (TGH will provide significant support in scripting and creating these lessons. No advanced technology expertise required!)

Video Tutorials: Create a video tutorial to show how to reach essential goods and services through the internet. Topics may include: ordering groceries via Instacart, accessing health information, reaching out to a doctor, filing for unemployment, and completing the census online.

Translate subtitles of existing videos into another languag: All languages needed.

PDF Tutorials: Create instructional PDF tutorials that show how to use important websites and apps. Template provided

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Volunteer at home with your family

Room to Grow offers structured coaching, material goods, and community connections to support parents of young children as they activate their natural strengths and expand their knowledge, so children thrive from the start. You can support them, and keep your family entertained, by making a No Sew Fleece Blanket at home. Simply order the blanket make it together, and drop it off with Life Science Cares at a later date.

Order here

Cradles to Crayons provides children from birth through age 12 living in homeless or low-income situations with items they need to thrive. You can support them by making Well Wish Notes with inspirational messages to be sent home with their Kid Packs of basic necessities. All you need is some index cards, art supplies and some inspiration to brighten someone’s day. Once you are done, you can mail them to us or email to coordinate.

Use your professional skills

Help support our partners from behind the scenes by supporting their infrastructure and growth. We are looking for professionals with experience in IT, Legal, marketing, project management, graphic design, and more to help on some skills based strategic support. Projects are both long and short term and will be matched and scoped based on your interest. Fill out this form to join our database.